Bible Aid Help


Bible Aid is a software for those who try to read the Bible completly withing a limited period of time. You can record your progress in a very user friendly interface and see how much more chapters you have to read, how many days, how many chapters you have to read per day to reach the target, etc.


Type in a date by which you wish to finish the Bible and hit the Date Update button. Then click on any book and enter how much chapters you have read. After making the nessery changes hit the Save button to save the data. This is done by making a cookie(See Extra Info). Hit the Show Status button to know how many chapter you have to read per day to finish the Bible by the projected day. If you want to discard all the changes you made after the last save, hit the Revert button. However revert button won't work after you save your data.

Extra Info

This software stores the infomation about the books you read in your own computer as cookies. So please enable cookies if you have disabled them. The Advanced Settings are for advanced users only. Don't use Manual Edit unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Contact Me

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Version History

Version 1.0
Bible Aid released. Program is in DOS mode with single user capablility. Many bugs were present and only year 2000 was supported.

Version 1.9
Multiple user interface. Many options added.

Version 2.1
Many bugs corrected like Galatians and Ephisians had 5 chapters each. It was corrected to 6 chapters each. Corrected the incorrect month counting. Corrected the certificate creation problem. The books could be accessed by Arrow Keys. The Menus were made more interactive. Added HTML Certificate option. Made More Colour Options and the scheme option with the famous Random Scheme.

Version 3.1
Bible Aid ported to Windows and Internet platform. The whole porgram is reporgramed in JavaScript. With this users all over the world can access this software and use it from their own computer. Windows interface, support for mouse etc. are added(naturally).